After graduating from Aydın High School, Ramazan Yıldırım entered Okan University and graduated from the Department of International Trade and Logistics.

In the first years of his professional life, he worked for a well-known transport company and after 3 years there, he joined Yeditepe University Faculty of Law. After graduating from the Faculty of Law with honours, Yıldırım started his professional career in the field of law with a legal internship at Ürey Law Firm and is currently continuing his legal internship at Ürey Law Firm.

Yıldırım continues to work in various fields of law such as labour law, commercial law, maritime law, debt enforcement and bankruptcy law, rental law, law of contract, family law.

He speaks English at intermediate level.

Legal Intern Ramazan Yıldırım

Address :İsmail Paşa Sk. No. 77
Koşuyolu Kadıköy - İstanbul
Telephone: +90 (216) 327 27 00