Beyza Büyükağaçcı graduated with high honors degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Law after completing her education at Türk Telekom Social Science High School. Currently, she is getting a thesis-based master's degree in Private Law at Istanbul University. In addition to the formal education she received, she participated in many seminars and competitions in her professional and non-professional field, and became a Data Protection Volunteer within the Personal Data Protection Authority.

She began her professional career with a legal internship at Urey Law Firm and continues to serve as a lawyer at the same firm after obtaining her practicing certificate.

Beyza Büyükağaçcı provides support to our clients in the preparation of contracts, resolution of disputes with alternative dispute resolution methods and management of litigation processes in various subjects such as labor law, employment law, commercial law, rental law and law of property, foundation law, social media law, protection of personal data and confidential information.

She is the chief editor of KOCAV Bülteni, editorial board member of Rengahenk Magazine, and a Genç Yeşilay volunteer.

She is fluent in English and has a basic understanding of Arabic.

Att. Beyza Büyükağaçcı

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Koşuyolu Kadıköy - İstanbul
Telephone: +90 (216) 327 27 00