Ürey Law Office

Ürey Law Firm, founded by Ali Ürey, with over thirty years experience, provides several legal services to clients which are in business in a wide ranging of fields from heavy industry to software industry to pesticide manufacturing to cosmetics.

In Urey Law Office which is one of the leading offices in its field, all legal support and legal services are provided by our experienced and dynamic team as well as the needs and expectations of our clients are separately evaluated in each case. Our services are provided by a competent team consisteng of more than fifteen lawyers, experts, consultants, and support unit who have experience in different fields.

Our basic principles are to provide equal work environment for all employees and to offer our clients legal and commercial solutions effectively. We provide the best support domestic and foreign firms both in pre-dispute consultancy services and in post-dispute litigation processes. We dedicate our extensive knowledge and experience, combined with our ability to integrate a team across practice areas, to ensure that our clients overcome their most complex legal challenges. We use a result-oriented approach to produce tailor-made solutions for our clients in their national and international activities.

We promptly respond to the requests of our clients with solution partners and supportive law firms with whom we work in close cooperation in different regions of our country.